SLS LIGHTING strives continuously for the reduction of its impact to the environment through the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the provisions of ISO 14001:2015.
Towards this, SLS is committed among others to the following:

  1. To accurately calculate, evaluate and recognize its environmental footprint.
  2. To respect and comply with the current legal and regulatory requirements for the protection of the environment.
  3. To constantly pursue the reduction of the quantity and hazard of the produced waste while securing the most efficient ways for its handling and disposal.
  4. To use energy sparingly and apply every scientifically acceptable means and technology to further decrease energy use.
  5. To develop a correct environmental behavior to the Company’s employees providing all the necessary means and education.
  6. To reuse and recycle every material suitable for recycling, while preferring the supply of recyclable raw materials and the use of recyclable-reusable packings.
  7. To demand from Company’s suppliers and subcontractors to show equally responsible environmentally friendly policy.
  8. To cooperate with Environmental Bodies and the relevant Authorities for Environment protection issues.
  9. To constantly update and improve its EMS.

The continuous effort for the protection of the environment is a standard commitment of SLS LIGHTING, thus committed to implement every legal means and methods towards this.

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