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Lighting is undergoing a revolution, from energy-intensive, cumbersome, with various gases (Hg,Na,argon) lighting to intelligent -low energy consumption- digitally controlled LED.

The technology of LED offers: 1) low energy costs, 2) impressive controllable lighting result by using specialized optics, 3) lifetime longer than 20 years, as long as the problem of the electronics heat management is solved.

SLS has succeeded -by using its patented passive cooling technology- to offer a unique solution addressing the fundamental heat problem of LED lights, resulting in products of high performance and stable and reliable operation.

SLS specializes in manufacturing LED lighting systems for tough cases including  harsh environment and sub sea environment. SLS innovative products are manufactured in Greece, taking into account the performance/price ratio and maintenance free- long lifetime product.

Having a specialized support team, our company is the can provide a final solution for demanding projects.

Our Innovation

Our luminaires are unique and innovative because of their aluminum heatsink which ensures ultimate dissipation of the LED’s chip heat.
The heatsink undergoes a special mechanical process that dissipates-even more-thermal energy which tends to destroy LED chip, minimize power supply lifetime and diminish the lenses’ clarity.
All these characteristics, but also the use of a variety of optics (from narrow to wide silicone lens) create a
luminaire with superior quality of light, consistent high performance, longevity and impressive lighting effect.

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