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Advantages of using SLS LED lights



76% more economy in the current comparatively with now T5

14% more return in LED comparatively with other solutions

30% more economy in the current comparatively with other solutions

Low acquisition price due to the volume of pieces > 1.000.000 luminaries


The least possible cost of installation

Easy replacement in case of damages

Ability to control from distance with low cost

Ability to adjust the lights (other LED chips) during the implementation of the whole project


The OPTIMUM lighting result for the LED technology. The board and the optics are implemented exactly where they have to be, mathematically estimated.

UGR – the optimum because the LED is adjusted to the specific luminaire.

Flickering lower than 1% or lower than 5%.

Ability to regulate the power of the luminaire considering its position.

Results of the application of SLS Led lights


EXCELLENT lighting result. We take advantage of the reflector’s lasts.


Lifetime bigger than 27 years. L80 >128.000 hours due to better temperature 55oC and the LED sub function.


The highest possible energy saving. Only 25 watt/luminarie.


Ability to regulate the power in order to cover the irregular suspended ceilings. 2000-2500 lux for 1,5 sqm distance.


The least possible cost of adjustment.


Easy replacement.

Long- term benefits

20 years WARRANTY. SLS will keep inventory of spare parts in case of materials’ failure. SLS TOTAL SUPPORT

Profit from the saving very IMPORTANT considering the volume of the luminaires. I.e. from 105W we minimize to 25W.

76 Watt avg. saving x 10 hours the day x 300 days the year x 1.300.000 luminaries x 0,1 the price of the kWh = 29,64,000,00 euros saving from the current bills overall the year.

The luminaries will NOT consume valuable working hours.

Ability to upgrade simply the system for the control from distance.

Co-operation between the customers with SLS.


What SLS offers

Innovative heat sink made of 6063 pure aluminum alloy, especially designed for optimum heat dissipation LED operation temperature ΤcLED-Ta < 25º- 30º C.

  • Elegant and effective design
  • Sturdy, heavy duty construction
  • Choice of coating and/or anodizing for extended protection depending on the operating conditions.
  • Endurance in harsh operating environments and wide range of temperatures (-40º to 55 ºC).

Last-generation LED chip of high power of Bridgelux.

  • Εfficacy of 177 lm/Watt
  • Sustainability of 90% of the luminous flux after 60,000 operation hours.
  • Life expectancy exceeding 200,000 hours.

Durable silicon lenses of LEDil

  • Crash proof
  • Excellent quality, suitable for harsh working environments, having a long life time.
  • UV proof- no yellowing- no dazzling.
  • High performance (94%).
  • Wide variety in optic angles in order to cover any possible need.

Drivers of high quality of Meanwell.

  • Wide input voltage range (100-350V).
  • Protection against short circuit, overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage.
  • IP protection marking: IP 67.
  • Output current stability

Optics for every need



Tested in the harshest conditions

  • Luminaires with very low working temperature
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Durable in harsh environments (moisture, high ambient temperatures, dust, sea water)
  • Maintenance free-No maintenance costs
  • Investment in state-of-the-art technology with high ROI (Return on Investment)

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